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partner1The Macro Center for Political Economics was established after eleven years of research in The Israeli Institute for Economic and Social Research (IIESR), and specializes in the economic and sociological analysis of current and evolving issues on Israel's public agenda.

An autonomous organization, the Center combines scholarly research with economic efficiency. These qualities endow the Center with advantages in the provision of accurate data, informed opinion papers, as well as systematic, reliable and timely forecasts and analyses.

The Center's uniqueness lies in its ability to integrate the social with the economic dimension as expressed by the subjects it deals in addition to the methodologies its applies in the research undertaken. The fruit of this synergetic interaction can be observed in the numerous studies the Center has performed on economic reforms in Israel in the era of globalization, the national budget, the benefits and costs of National Service, the status of women in Israel, problems of identity among Israeli youth, social security and the socio-economic status of various sectors in Israeli society. The same can be said regarding assessments of the state of Israeli society and the policy proposals offered in areas such as the education system, the pension system, and the new world of work. Analyses of Israel's social fabric, such as the status of the Bedouin minority, and Israel's relations with its regional neighbors indicate still other directions where this approach has been effectively applied.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Center joins forces with Israel's foremost researchers in the fields of economics, political science, sociology and psychology.

Center involvement with these and other issues bear witness to its philosophy that national economic development derives, among other factors, from regional development. For this reason, special stress is given to global economic trends in general, and those evolving in the Middle East in particular.
In addition to research, the Center is active in the encouragement of the public discourse on a wide range of topics. This goal is accomplished by its organization of closed professional forums as well as conferences and seminars open to the public. Among these events we can list the conference on the Third Way as an approach to socio-economic reform held with the participation of the Lord Prof. Anthony Giddens, former Chairman of the LSE, and the forum on Israel's education system held with the participation of government ministers, Knesset members and education professionals. Other events include a conference to promote the debate on the status of women, and seminars on globalization and on Israel's labour market, both conducted with the participation of leading scholars and professionals from Israel and abroad.

MACRO Website: http://www.macro.org.il/