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Sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Senat is a Project attached to the Israeli Institute for Economic and Social Research publishing weekly working papers on public issues on the Israeli agenda since October 1996.

Senat's papers on social, economic and political issues are distributed to members of Knesset, director generals of government ministries, and to the heads of the mjaor economic and non-profit organizations, in order to serve as an information base for their decision making.

Senat's activities are covered in the media because of the high standards Senat maintains for delivering information that is up to date, professional, objective and concise. By the end of 2005 some 280 working papers, each written by an expert in the field, were produced. Additionally, Senat is undertaking public opinion surveys on selected issues.

The Senat steering committee, which guides the organization's activities, includes a wide range of views. Headed by Mr. Uzi Baram as chairman, it includes Mr. Hermann Bünz (Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Israel), MK Eitan Kabel, MK Eti Livni, MK Gilad Erdon and Dr. Yossi Beilin. The founding chair was the late President Chaim Herzog.